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For the last forty years, everyone in the tech industry knew that to fund a startup, you had to go through Silicon Valley, and if you couldn’t receive funding from them, you were usually left out in the cold. The blockchain revolution however is now set to change this forever. It does so through an infrastructure that is innovative and which uses the platform known as Ethereum.


How Startups are Launched Using Ethereum


The Ethereum platform resides in a realm which is non-physical and totally decentralized, which are among its greatest strengths. Due to the manner in which it is distributed throughout the internet, startups no longer have to look to Silicon Valley or traditional lenders for funding, and instead can turn to the general public, receiving funds from them directly.


In the past, this was not possible due to technological limitations, but the advent of the internet and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and blockchain paved the way for Ethereum, which allows startups to be crowd funding while ensuring the capital contributed is actually applied toward the project which is advertised. This allows more entrepreneurs to bring their products and services to the market while creating greater competition, innovation, and affordable pricing.


Benefits That Startups Gain By Using Ethereum


Ethereum has all the characteristics which are necessary to launch startups. First, it is not constrained by physical geography. Rather, it uses a value exchange medium called Ether which is extremely liquid and which can be distributed over the web. It also utilizes a standardized system for business and application logic (called smart contracts) which has created an environment and culture where trust and innovation are encouraged.


For the very first time since the start of the Information Age, Silicon Valley can be democratized, and it is occurring within a space that is completely virtual. In just the last few years, numerous startups have taken advantage of this permission less landscape in order to fund their projects through the sale of tokens which are based on blockchain to investors worldwide.


A token is basically a cryptocurrency which is specialized, and which is used for the funding of a specific application. Oftentimes it will be strictly for internal use, and will be exchanged for services or products which are specific to certain applications. In other cases it can act as a type of license that empowers a group of users to work on a project and gain rewards while doing so, and the tokens can be traded or converted from one form into another.


Why Should The Startup Industry Choose Blockchain Developers?


The tokens and campaigns designed by Blockchain developers will provide the capital for team projects, while providing security for economic models which are decentralized and bootstrapping the enthusiast community in a manner which is structure to help the application gain the traction it needs. We are proud to take part in this emerging technological paradigm and can assist your startup in a manner that will maximize its performance and potential for success.