Blockchain Financial Services & ICO Solutions


The financial market for cryptocurrencies has experienced a recent surge in popularity. This is largely due to ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, which give startups the opportunity to brush aside middlemen with ledgers that are shared throughout multiple computer networks which are decentralized. This allows crowdsales to be performed using tokens which are specific to a particular organization or project.


What are The Financial Implications of Ethereum and Blockchain?


Advocates of Ethereum, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general believe that they will cause re-decentralization of the internet, which is currently dominated by companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.  The one thing that all these web mammoths have in common is that they were launched with huge sums of capital that are only available to those who are either well connected or extremely lucky.

The existing financial paradigm is one where innovation is stifled due to capital being reserved for only a select few individuals who can get banks, angel investors or Silicon Valley to fund their startups. This leaves most entrepreneurs out in the cold, even those who have talent, drive and great ideas. The biggest financial impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is that they will level the playing field, akin to how online advertising helped small businesses compete with big ones in the 1990s and early 2000s.


Financial Benefits To Be Gained


Blockchain will thaw capital in a manner that hasn’t been seen before in human history, because it streamlines and simplifies the process of investors acquiring and distributing tokens which can be used to empower ICOs. Those who hold these tokens can trade them whenever they want, over the web in a manner that is unlike anything that can occur with classical venture capital. In the past venture capital would typically remained locked down until either a business was purchased or the initial public offering was held.


While the government and traditional financial sector have raised concerns about ICOs, claiming that they are little more than securities which are unregistered, the fact of the matter is that blockchain and ICOs have far more versatility and potential that can ever be achieved with standard securities. All the signs indicate that we are on the cusp of a major shift in technology, one that will alter society in ways that will create fortunes for those who have the foresight to adapt.


Why Should The Financial Industry Choose Blockchain Developers?


While blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrencies provide significant opportunities, this is only for those who understand them. Blockchain Developers is on the cutting edge of everything blockchain related and can help you perform ICO financial management. This will ensure that investors have the encouragement and confidence needed to provide you with capital. The solutions we provide are timely, highly effective, and most important of all, perfectly suited to your project and needs. By collaborating with us, you will receive the capital needed for your product or service launch while ensuring that those who fund it are richly rewarded.