ICO Marketing


As companies and startups continue to recognize the benefits of crypto currencies, most will involve themselves in ICOs, or initial coin offerings. ICOs are basically a type of digital fundraising which helps grow crypto currency firms, and due to crowdsales those who support the initiative early can acquire a percentage of the crypto currency associated with the startup. However, in order for this to happen the ICO must be marketed to build greater awareness.


What is ICO Marketing?


ICO marketing has a number of similarities with Initial Public Offerings. It can be challenging, but there are a number of best practices which are rapidly being developed. First, ICO marketing involves a fundamental understanding of the target market. The reason for this is because ICOs are not ideal for all organizations. While the concept is new and very promising to many, this is not the case in some industries.


Effective ICO marketing involves understanding how to integrate the digital tokens within your particular business framework. If including the digital currency doesn’t dramatically add value to your service, product or bottom line, then it may not be the best course of action. At the present time, ICO marketing is mostly geared towards Blockchains, but this is likely to change in the near future.


Benefits of ICO Marketing


Although crypto currencies have historically been seen as being speculative, they have recently become more mainstream and regulated. In fact, by the summer of 2017 the Securities and Exchange Commission referred to digital coins as being securities. This is beneficial for ICO marketing, because it means that more people will be receptive to participating in the process which brings rewards for both them and the companies which offer it.


A lot of people are leery about crypto currencies, and this is understandable as it is an emerging technology. But recognition by the SEC means that it will be much easier for startups to get the funding they need to expand their operations and provide their products or services to end users. Another benefit of ICO marketing is an understanding of the audience and its needs. While some interested in ICOs will have extensive knowledge of crypto currencies, others will not, so effective ICO marketing is designed to cater to both groups. This form of marketing is set to revolutionize businesses in multiple industries but to maximize its effectiveness you must have a marketing system which is fluid and comprehensive.


Why Choose Blockchain Developers for ICO Marketing?


The ICO marketing services we provide will cater to every facet of your target audience. When combined with classical PR and social media, we will be able to define and target your message towards the interests and background of those who receive it. The most effective ICO marketing is that which offers deep, yet understandable analysis which shows people how they can successfully leverage their digital tokens in a manner that is comprehensible even to those who aren’t very knowledgeable of the topic. Contact us today to learn more about our ICO marketing solutions.