ICO Management Platform


ICO management platforms are an important part of Blockchains and cryptocurrencies in general. They provide many benefits to the token market and can be utilized for numerous sales channels, which includes both B2C and C2C interactions.


What is an ICO Management Platform?


ICO management platforms are designed for the purpose of managing Initial Coin Offerings. They lower fraud while promoting accountability within token markets. They will typically consist of a hash or digitized fingerprint that will be stored within the smart contract of the ICO that is accessible via Etherscan. This is designed to foment transparency and trust among ICO participants.


For the duration of the Initial Coin Offering and afterward, the file will be made available for download, and will allow users to perform hash file calculations once the ICO is completed, comparing it with the hash that is located within the smart contract. If even a byte of data has been altered, the hashes won’t match. This guarantees the integrity of the primary document associated with the ICO, and can be supported by a webpage where project reports of current progress can be showcased.


Benefits of an ICO Management Platform


Initial Coin Offerings are a major endeavor which requires organization and significant resources. Management platforms streamline the process while making the ICO more transparent to investors, which brings them peace of mind while building their confidence. These management platforms are also simple to use and will provide unparalleled value to end users. Furthermore, these platforms provide greater security and integrity of data than previous systems, which means that startups will have payment options which are more flexible, along with numerous functionality and features.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of ICO management platforms is that they allow organizations and individuals alike to produce smart contracts via Ethereum through an interface that is user friendly and which requires minimal programming knowledge. The platforms are completely functional and offer support for interactions which are two party. This makes them similar to standard agreements. Developers are also hard at work on scenarios which are more complex, such as transactions involving multiple parties as well as contracts which are activated through third party data services. ICO Management platforms will dramatically improve the cryptocurrency landscape, giving rise to new applications which were in the past thought impossible.


Why Choose Blockchain Developers for an ICO Management Platform?


Blockchain Developers has a fundamental understanding of ICOs, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in general. As such, we can help you establish a management platform which can target numerous sales channels, including transactions which occur among individuals and those that occur between a merchant and customer. Our platforms also provide support for B2B, or contracts dealing with more than one business entity. We offer customized support for use cases which are advanced, which are utilized by established ecommerce firms that sell a high volume of merchandise to their customers. We can also provide a monetization model that is flat, but in the future the pricing structured can be adjusted as needed. Contact us to find out more.