Grass Roots Cryptomarketing


Grass roots Cryptomarketing requires an understanding of technology, as well as emotional intelligence and behavioral economics. Blockchain is expected to radically improve the online experience, as well as many other activities, which means those that perform Cryptomarketing will have a whole host of capabilities available to them.


What is Grass Roots Cryptomarketing?


Grass roots Cryptomarketing is the method of ascertaining what customer’s value in a manner that allows it to be placed within a protocol for a crypto token, which will grow within customer utility while the network expands, and which succeeds through word of mouth. At the end of the day, all marketing, including Cryptomarketing, is designed to know the customer to the extent that the product or service being offered sells itself.


Technically speaking, tokens which are Blockchain based can be programmed, which is one reason why they are so promising. Attributes can be assigned to these tokens which in turn can provide the value that end users desire. For instance, consider a service that is decentralized and which acts as a cloud backend. Those who utilize it to store things will need lots of space, as well as availability, security and lower long term costs. For them, the purpose of renting storage is to gain a profit through seeing the value of crypto tokens associated with the service grow in value.


Benefits of Grass Roots Cryptomarketing


This form of marketing, when done correctly overcomes the obstacles and friction which is a feature in every marketing endeavor. Getting users on board initially is always a challenge, because everything has to be set up, tokens have to be obtained, software needs to be downloaded, and then there is troubleshooting and configuration.


A key benefit of Blockchain is the manner in which it challenges the dominance of institutions which are centralized.  The phenomenon has been ongoing in the marketing sector over the past decade, particularly due to the success of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Experts note continuing erosion in brand trust, and growing cynicism regarding advertising in general. This means people place greater trust in grass root sources such as friends and family members over traditional channels.


That is what grass roots Cryptomarketing is in a nutshell, word of mouth that works through peer to peer systems. Decentralized platforms allow for links to be sent to friends showcasing goods, services or events that you wish to acquire or attend. Perhaps the link will include a special code that allows you to receive some discount or bonus. Once the product is purchased, both the customer and the person that referred them the link gets crypto tokens that can be redeemed for services or goods.


Why Choose Blockchain Developers for Grass Roots Cryptomarketing?


The Cryptomarketing campaigns that we design at Blockchain developers will combine economic value with passion. We are analytical, technical, yet have a profound understanding of behavioral economics. As a result, we take what we know about people and transform it into terms that developers can comprehend. This results in marketing which is far more effective than what was possible in the past. Contact us to learn more.