ICO Development


The development of ICOs first took off in 2013, and over the last five years has continued to increase in prominence while gathering significant media attention. While a growing number of people have heard of Initial Coin Offerings, many don’t fully understand them, or the manner in which they are developed.


What is ICO Development?


To understand ICO development, you must first understand how entrepreneurs traditionally raised funds. In the past, those who wanted to launch a business but lacked the funding would turn to either investors or a bank. ICOs, on the other hand, involve the raising of capital through the issuance of digital coins which act as a currency for the startup. Investors who acquire the digital coins are buying a stake in the company and will reap the benefits if the organization grows and prospers. Digital coins or tokens make use of Blockchain technology and are essentially a type of crypto currency.


ICO development involves the creation of the digital coins. Developers are expected to bring a project to a certain technical stage, and once this occurs they can announce to the public when they intend to hold the token or coin sale. They will describe the terms, the goals of the project, and why people should purchase a stake in it. In many cases ICO development will involve the creation and distribution of white papers which will disclose the project details and give potential investors an opportunity to read over and understand it. Marketing also plays a key part in ICO development, and developers will use websites or forums such as Reddit, Telegram, Bitcointalk and others in order to attract attention and interest.


Benefits of ICO Development


ICO development provides a number of advantages to developers and investors. Once the startup has established its goals, they can use the development and sales process to gauge what investors are open to spending, similar to Dutch auctions, and they can also influence the price and reveal precisely what the proceeds will be used for. The value of the ICO is dependent on its utility as well as its functionality.


It is important to remember that the coin holders are pre-paying for the service or product. For example, if you’re a video game startup, you can issue coins which will represent purchases in the game once it’s complete. If investors know what specific items they will be able to buy once the game is finished, they can reserve them now. It benefits the developer because they get the capital they need up front to build the game, and the investors benefit because if the game succeeds, the coins that they purchased initially will grow significantly in value.


Why Choose Blockchain Developers for ICO Development?


The ICOs developed by Blockchain Developers are robust and compatible with a variety of applications. They will allow you to build the capital necessary to launch your startup, irrespective of the industry in which you operate. Furthermore, by utilizing crypto currencies, you will have greater freedom and flexibility when it comes to dealing with banking regulations. Contact us to learn more.