Web3 is the next step in how webpages are designed and the manner in which people use them. With Web 1.0, websites were largely static information depositories where you could read information, but rarely have interactions with it. Web 2.0 was more advanced in that it allowed for greater interactivity and social networking among individuals. Web3 will build on this.


What is Web3?


Some believe that Web3 is already with us, but it is important to remember that it took roughly a decade to make the transition from Web1 to Web2, so Web3 is still in its early stages, but organizations and individuals who adapt to it now will reap the benefits, just as was the case with previous versions. Many experts believe that the total sum of human knowledge should have doubled by the time much of the world begins using Web3.


Web3 involves change in how users interact with the web, but since people are naturally resistant to change, it’s better to say that it will “improve” the manner in which we interact with it. It will be an evolutionary shift which will bring about a number of positive changes while providing many lucrative opportunities for those who are prepared for and understand it.


Benefits of Web3


One benefit of Web3 is the impact it will have on web searches. Social bookmarking is expected to become a search engine in its own right which means the results that it provides are expected to be more intelligent than Yahoo or Google search. The reason for this is because searches will pull up websites that have received the vote of humans, which means the chances of getting positive or accurate results is much higher. Of course, this also means that results are subject to manipulation, as groups of individuals could vote for certain sites purely for the purpose of increasing its popularity.


However, this is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes into play. A sufficiently advanced AI would be capable of discerning the difference between good votes and bad, and could give users results which are akin to social networking or bookmarking sites while weeding out the bad stuff simultaneously. AI will play a key role in Web3 and may function as virtual assistants. These digital assistants are already in the development phase and often appear as applications which are sometimes built inside devices. These AI assistants provide support for natural language, which means users can say complex things to it and it can decipher your speech and then give you what you want, such as specific search results or it can send out emails.


Why Choose Blockchain Developers for Web3?


Blockchain Developers are on the cutting edge of everything web related. We can assist you in designing digital solutions where every piece of information will be categorized and structured in such a manner where both machines and humans can understand it. This is referred to as the Semantic Web and will play key role in Web3. Contact us to learn more about the services we provide.