Blockchain Platform


While Blockchains are commonly associated with Bitcoin, the technology can be used for applications that extend beyond it. Blockchain platforms have been made available so that users can build applications which are fully customized. This provides a number of benefits as well as opportunities to developers.


What is a Blockchain Platform?


One famous example of a Blockchain platform is Ethereum. It is decentralized and utilizes a contracting language that is Turing complete, which provides the opportunity to create smart contracts. A smart contract is the application that will run in conjunction with Blockchains that are custom built. It will be used for the purpose of creating smart contracts that allow for complex transactions like insurance or financial exchanges, which can be carried out completely on a platform which is distributed.


Blockchain platforms are similar to virtual machines in that they give developers the ability to process programs locally. Installing the client is a necessity to be given access to both the Blockchain and the smart contracts that it provides. It also offers the opportunity to produce transactions while mining blocks. Clients will usually be developed or established on Blockchain platforms and can be managed through a community of programmers.


Benefits of Blockchain Platforms


The advantages associated with Blockchain platforms are many. One of the most important of these is scalability. A platform must be able to scale with the size of a network depending on the presence of miners and the blocks they produce. When the block limit is proportional to computations which are needed for the execution of the contracts, instead of the data size, a Blockchain platform can be produced which will scale automatically to compensate for greater transaction numbers.


The second benefit of Blockchain platforms is their security. These platforms were established with security in mind and as such can maintain user anonymity while ensuring the protection of transaction information. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of Blockchain platforms is their usability. A platform does end users little good if it’s too difficult to work with, and this is a common problem that has plagued past systems. One indicator of the usability of a Blockchain platform is the amount of methods which can be used for interacting with it, whether it is GUIs, clients or APIs, along with the amount of knowledge which is required for a specific platform. Blockchain platforms which require minimal knowledge are more highly valued and will acquire the largest number of users.


Why Choose Blockchain Developers for Blockchain Platforms?


The Blockchain platforms that we offer are secure, scalable, simple to work with, and are highly effective. Unlike other systems its applications extend far beyond mere digital currency or transactions. Our Blockchain platforms are designed for decentralization, as well as anonymity, resistance to forgery, and the double spend issue, which we consider a requirement for any functioning system. The Blockchains that we devise will give you the ability to design your own applications on top of the stack while leveraging the many benefits which come from it. Contact us to learn more.