Blockchain Marketing Technology


When most people think of Blockchains, they think of digital ledgers, financial transactions and crypto currencies. This is understandable to a large extent. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, a digital currency which has in many ways disrupted the financial world order. But the power of Blockchain extends far beyond the financial sector, and can be used in other areas such as marketing.


What is Blockchain Marketing Technology?


Blockchain marketing technology involves protocols which are Blockchain dependent, which means that they change the way ads are valued, delivered and purchased by users. Some believe that it will improve the accuracy of ad tracking, which will ultimately provide better results. Blockchain marketing tech would also eliminate middlemen, giving companies the ability to pay their target audience in a direct manner for ad viewing, which bypasses the ad purchasing process entirely. Through the usage of micro currencies, companies can compete for audience attention, as opposed to merely prints. And best of all, they won’t have to spend any money until “after” they have proof that they’ve received attention. This means better and more profitable connections with customers.


Benefits of Blockchain Marketing Technology


One of the biggest advantages of Blockchain marketing is that ad buys can be used to establish trust. This resolves a weakness which has plagued online advertising for years, which is the inability to determine the accuracy of stats. When you count the number of clicks that your website receives from ads you’re paying for, how many of those are from actual customers versus people who are just looking at your offer with no intention to buy? Or worse, bots or people hired to click for the purpose of increasing stats? With traditional online advertising it is hard to tell.


Blockchain marketing is designed to change all this forever. Since the chain is both encrypted and completely transparent, it is much easier for companies to determine whether those viewing the ads are part of their preferred demographic, which will save millions each year. Some firms are already using proprietary tokens to create trusted advertising spots which help users through campaign auditing along with impression tracking that is secured cryptographically. This ensures that advertisers get their money’s worth.


Blockchain marketing also allows audiences to be targeted with greater precision. Traditionally, online advertisers gathered information about potential customers from numerous sources; some might reveal their average salary, gender, age and things of that nature. With Blockchain advertisers will have the opportunity to construct a profile of their customer’s right from the customer themselves, gaining all the data they need that their customer is open to sharing with them. This will enhance the ability of advertisers to cater to the desires of their audiences, and only spend marketing dollars on those who are mostly likely to buy, rather than wasting money on those who won’t.


Why Choose Blockchain Developers for Blockchain Marketing Technology?


The solutions we provide are accurate, timely, cost effective, and most important of all, transparent. Our Blockchain marketing incorporates a digital ledger which allows for complete transparency as products are shifted through a supply chain. This gives customers the ability to verify the origins of a product and who handled it. Contact us to learn more about our Blockchain marketing capabilities.