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“The technology most likely to change the next decade of business is not the social web, big data,

the cloud, robotics, or even artificial intelligence. It’s the blockchain.” – Harvard Business Review


We respond quickly to our clients' needs.


Our developers are well paid and are the best in the industry. We do not cut corners on paying talent.


We provide ongoing support for all our developed products. We wont let you down.

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Our Team

Dean Anastos


After several positions as a software engineer Dean found that software development was the niche for him. With years of experience working with both corporate level and local business clients, Dean is looking to continually extend his programming portfolio to companies looking to grow in the online marketing world. 



Max Garza III is a blockchain investor, trainer and ICO advisor.  Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Block Chain Developers LLC, Star Core Consulting LLC and AAI Global Solutions, providing 20 + years of commercial financial services for international clients.  Equity partner for Wallet Defender, Stryker 1, Kuverit and Vectorzilla, an ICO that incorporates deep AI Learning and Vector Platforms, which is launching in India 2018. Lead ICO and Blockchain R&D Advisor for Dragon Coin, focusing on Cross Chain Atomic Swaps.  Equity Partner at Dionysus.Studio, Hollywood Blockchain Advisor and Producer for MAD Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California and Co-owner of Blockchain Research and Development LLP India.  Max Garza III is a social advocate for  www.K9sForWarriors.org 

 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bitfundza/


Jit Singh


Jit Singh founded Business Technology Service in early 2000. His skill   set spans across several popular operating systems but most importantly these skills include network and server security, protecting company network and infrastructure assets against various potential internet attacks like DDoS and Ransomware.  In today's environment, this is a must for any serious company.  Additionally, Jit has developed strategic relationships in the industry and has formed partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, HP, and 3CX.  


Roy doobay


Roy handles sales and operations. His expertise in project management ensures satisfaction in our clients.

Cate byk


Cate is responsible for promotion and optimization of the website, as well as for the optimization of the work of our team.

Oleg kono


Oleg handles web developement and makes sure that every line of code works to reach our client's goal in the most efficient way possible.

Software Specialties

We have the capability to code in:

Java, PHP, Solidity, Native Android, SQL, Amazon Web Service and much more.

Blockchain Developers Software Specialties
Blockchain Developers Software Specialties