Emerging Blockchain Trends For 2017-2018

Cementing itself on its own and straying away from the reputation simply as the technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain has finally penetrated the mainstream consciousness. It is under rapid change and intense development, so users who seek to take advantage of blockchain ought to understand the emerging blockchain trends for this maturing technology.


Growth in Blockchain Applications


Catering to the technology savvy sapiens, it is little wonder that every technology must keep up with the fast and convenient pace of its users. The middleman is usually part of the transaction in most business segments but many service oriented businesses will decentralize.


Private Blockchains


Contrary to public blockchains where ledger is distributed amongst participants or businesses for sharing and determining the integrity of transactional data, private blockchains are networks that do not extend to the general public. Centralized authority is the key to assuring the integrity of data exchanges in private blockchains, there will be an assigned blockchain orchestrator who enables transactions between the parties, coordinates and provide governances during the process.


Artificial Intelligence


There are a number of ways in which both artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are able to greatly influence and complement each other. A major ingredient for the neural networks include the amount of data that is involved in blockchain technology, and it thrives on the huge quantities of data. Relying on others to feed the data previously, blockchain makes it possible for organizations to serve as an authority.


Regulated Investment


Initial Coin Offering which is known in short as ICO, faced an unclear path for government compliance in 2017 and many fundraisers chose to raise funds without abiding by any of the rules facing stock and standard securities while ignoring the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This came to a halt when SEC announced that an oversight would be started and might have to resort to closing down on noncompliant and fraudulent ICOs.


Options were given for companies who are still looking into fundraise to massive levels via an ICO, they would have to abide to the SEC regulations. Being a new territory for the industry, it will mean companies will take the coming year to learn the best path forward and ensure regulation while working towards their goals.


By establishing a time-tested protocol, we believe more companies would be able to have SEC-compliant ICOs, breaking open and stepping into a new field for investment opportunities; pushing blockchain technologies to power a new generation of investments and moving it closer into the mainstream.


Rising Influence


Blockchain’s capabilities are applicable to many different facets of data management with its rising influence. The capabilities encompass signification regions of transactional data, artificial intelligence and finance. The key issue with the existing models is the semantics, governance and resolution of standards needed to institutionalize this technology. The potential for blockchain is likely to exceed its practical utility for information assets in the coming year.